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Toll Free  ​833-LEE-SHIP

Open 7 Days including all Holidays


Service to and from Southwest Florida.
We operate within the State of Florida only.

We Are Here If You Need Us

En Route Courier Service is doing its best to keep up with the demand in this crisis. With more and more people being infected with Corona Virus in Lee County, Florida the need for getting necessities brought to them will increase dramatically.

While we encourage everyone to use services like Instacart for grocery deliveries, we understand there is a need for a broader shopping service. We will try our best to meet this demand as it grows and prioritize this demand to help locals get the products they need. However due to such strong demand for some items it is important for you to order and prepay for your items first and then wait for confirmation that your order has been filled before you dispatch us to pick it up and delivery it for you.

We can assist with running errands, pharmacy, shopping, dry cleaning etc.

Please note that when we deliver to people infected with the corona virus we will call you will an estimate arrival time and then again when we arrive. Your items will be left outside for you to retrieve so we can protect the driver from exposure to the virus.