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Open M-F 8AM-11PM


Service to and from Southwest Florida.
We operate within the State of Florida only.


  •  Do you guarantee deliveries arrive on time?
    Our goal is 100% on-time delivery, but due to circumstances beyond our control we may be late. Mother Nature, highway gridlock, road closures due to accidents are fact of life in Southwest Florida and may cause your delivery to be delayed. We monitor road and traffic conditions to avoid slowdowns. We will inform you if there will be a delay in delivering. Other than that you can count on us 99.9% of the time.
  • Is there a weight limit per package?
    The weight limit is 75 pounds per package .but call us to see if we can pick up larger packages.
  • Is En Route Courier LLC insured?
    Yes, we are bonded, have general business liability insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance.
  • What kind of vehicles do you use for delivery?
    We use mostly small economy sized vehicles.  Box truck, SUV, van and pick up truck available upon special request.
  • Can you deliver over-sized items?
    If it can fit in the delivery vehicle then we can deliver it. When in doubt give us a shout.
  • Do you offer pet transport?
    Currently we do not offer pet transport.
  • How do you provide your same-day service so much cheaper than bigger logistics companies provide next-day or 3-day service?
    Our business model is simple and completely different, we stay local to keep costs down and concentrate mostly on light short-run same-day deliveries.  We don't have any shareholders demanding big returns on their investments. Our goal is to offer local affordable courier and delivery service but still charge enough for our service to pay our employees a real living wage, and to maintain and grow our business.
  • Is my cargo covered in case of damage or theft.
    We offer up to the value of the service provided of in-house damage and theft protection per order while your items are in our possession, to a maximum of $100 per order. We do not offer optional cargo insurance at this time but may if we keep getting requests for it.
  • What kind of route services do you provide?
    Delivery of payroll for payroll companies, small catering deliveries, floral deliveries, medical supply deliveries, auto parts store deliveries, package delivery to local clients, publication deliveries, etc.
  • Are you HIPAA Certified?
    Yes we are.
  • Are You OSHA Compliant?
    Our drivers have reviewed OSHA compliance training documents for general industry as it pertains to them on the OSHA website and understand the OSHA information provided to them.
  • Can we contract your services for long term?
    We never sign service contracts with any company until we do a 30 day trial period run first. After a 30 day trial run, each of our companies will know if we are a good fit for each other.
    Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, and a 30 day trial period is a great way for both of us to test the waters before making a long term commitment.